Spin Physics (SPIN2012)

JINR, Dubna, Russia

September 17 - 22, 2012


To arrange a visa support letter you are requested to fill in the visa form.

Visa form

Additionally, you should send a double-page spread copy of your passport (page with photo) to Tatyana Donskova - Symposium visa coordinator by e-mail (as a .jpg file preferably) or by fax 7(49621)65891 (please mention that it is for Tatyana Donskova).

Please take into account that visa procedures in some Russian embassies can be complicated and time consuming. For this reason, we follow a simpler procedure when most of visa deals is done by the Organizing Committee. (You can also arrange a tourist visa yourself.)

Following this procedure, we collect your personal data and pass it on to the Department of Consular Service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow. Visa applications are usually accepted about 1,5 month prior to the Conference. Then the Ministry sends the official invitations to enter the Russian Federation to the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee sends these invitations to your institutions to the addresses mentioned in your Visa Application Forms. After getting these Ministry invitations, you should submit them to the Russian Embassy and get your visas.

You can also arrange your visa with the Reference number which you receive from the organizers. This Reference number is sent to the participants by e-mail. You should give this Reference number to the nearest Russian Embassy or Consulate in your country when you go to arrange your visa. It is much quicker to receive the visa using this Reference number, but you have to pay for it.

So, you have
- to send us the Visa Application Form and copy of the passport page,
- to receive from us by airmail the official Ministry invitation in writing or a Reference number for your visa by e-mail,
- to get your visa by using this invitation.

Do not confuse the invitation from the Organizing Committee (signed by the chairman) with the one from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs! The former is assumed only for your institute formalities, getting grants, etc but NOT FOR GETTING VISA! Only the Ministry invitation or Reference number should be used for this purpose!

The typical mistake is that people call to the Russian embassy and use the invitation from the Organizing Committee to start the visa formalties yourself. Do not follow this way! Formally, this way is also possible. Moreover, it is usually advised at the embassy web sites and by embassy clerks. But then you will be involved into long and complicated standard procedure! Moreover you will duplicate our effort and so only complicate and entangle the deal.