Spin Physics (SPIN2012)

JINR, Dubna, Russia

September 17 - 22, 2012


The 20th International Spin Physics Symposium, SPIN2012, will be held from September 17 to 22, 2012 in Dubna, Russia. The Symposium is open to all scientists, regardless of citizenship and nationality. The Symposium is hosted by the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

The scientific program of this Symposium includes the topics related to spin phenomena in particle and nuclear physics as well as those in related fields. The International Spin Physics Symposium series combined together the High Energy Spin Symposia and the Nuclear Polarization Conferences since 2000.

The spin plays a paramount role in studies of fundamental symmetries, fundamental interactions, particle properties and structure of hadrons. Similarly, spin physics provides decisive progress in the understanding of nuclear reaction dynamics and of the structures of hadron-nucleon many body systems. Technical developments and applications of polarized beams and targets and spin handlings are also important subjects which will greatly contribute to the future development of particle and nuclear physics.

The preliminary programme includes the traditionally for Spin Physics series of conference topics:

  • Spin Structure of Hadrons
  • Spin in Hadronic Reactions
  • Spin Physics with Photons and Leptons
  • Spin Physics in Nuclear Reactions and Nuclei
  • Fundamental Symmetries and Spin Physics beyond the Standard Model
  • Acceleration, Storage, and Polarimetry of Polarized Beams
  • Polarized Ion and Lepton Sources and Targets
  • Future Facilities and Experiments
  • Medical and Technological Applications of Spin Physics